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UNTHSC Public Health Admissions Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Beth Hargrove
Hello everyone! Feel free to type any questions you may have during the webinar here in the chatbox
Beth Hargrove
Hello everyone! We have reached the halfway point of our admissions webinar. If you have any questions, drop them right here in the chat box and our admissions staff will do their best to assist you.
Beth Hargrove
UNTHSC PA students have the opportunity to take advantage of our online MPH offerings during their planned course of study. The streamlined MPH Professional Option that’s typically 42 credit hours is reduced to only 30 credit hours, leading you on a path to connect your current field with the newest opportunities in Public Health. Unfortunately, there is not an opportunity to pursue one of the concentrations offered through the cohort MPH program.
Beth Hargrove
Thank you for joining us during the UNT HSC School of Public Health Admissions Webinar! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us here at the Office of Admissions!Beth Hargrove, MBADirector of Admissions(817) 735-2401beth.hargrove@unthsc.eduBrandon Sermon, M.A.Recruitment & Outreach Coordinatorbrandon.sermon@unthsc.edu(817) 735-2459School of Public Health Office of Admissionssph@unthsc.edu(817) 735-2401